Bucket List: Summer Internship in New York City

Just typing the words “Work in New York City” still gives me butterflies.

Nobody leaves Kentucky. And if you do, you go south to Tennessee. The goal of working in NYC was one only dreamers would wish for. I was twenty years old when I decided I was going to take a leap of faith and apply for the Dream Careers Internship Program. I lived on cereal and granola bars and kept the Starbucks coffee and Sonic Route 44’s at a record low while I saved as much money as humanly possible while balancing school and work. One year later, I’m on a plane to a summer internship in New York City.

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Smoky Mountains trail in the fall

Hike the Smoky Mountains

I live in South Central Kentucky, which is actually one of the greatest places to live if you love to travel, simply because you’re not a far drive from anything. You’re 45 minutes from the city lights of Nashville, TN, 7-10 hours from the beaches of Florida, and 4 and a half hours from the Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg, TN. For my 22nd birthday, I skipped my Thursday classes (priorities) and drove to Gatlinburg with my fiancé for a long weekend getaway.

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Vancouver and Washington

Freshman year of college brought along many new friendships. One of those friends being Claire who was from Bellingham, WA – about an hour and a half north of Seattle. I was given the opportunity to travel with two other girls to visit her hometown in December of 2014, officially opening my eyes to the west coast of the country.

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