Bucket List: Complete a New Years Resolution

Other / Thursday, December 28th, 2017

January 1st, 2017 began the first day of my New Years goal:

Run 365 miles this year

That’s one mile a day, 7 miles a week, and less than 32 miles a month. To help keep track of this goal, I created this drawing in my journal.


For every mile ran, I colored in a square.

So there wouldn’t be any room for cheating, I made strict guidelines to keep me accountable:

  1. Every mile was recorded. I used the app MapMyRun to track how far I had traveled. Which, it tracks you by satellite so you have to be outside when you use this, but it worked great for me and was 98% of the time accurate. MapMyRun AppMost warm days while at work, I would fast walk on my 15 minute breaks around the building. After doing this so many times, you get the idea of what path you need to take and how many laps will put you at a mile. There were a few days the app would notify me that I had hit a mile when most other days, that same location I would only be at or around 0.7 of a mile. But like I said, this only happened a few times. Otherwise, I highly recommend this app. MapMyRun Screenshot
  2. Every mile was intentional. At the end of the day, I was not allowed to say, “Wow I’ve walked a lot today! No doubt it was a mile. I’m going to cross off a box.” Like my first point, it needed to be recorded. To make this easier, on days I knew I would be busy and would not get an opportunity to workout, I would park in the parking lot furthest from my first class of the day. When recorded, it ended up being .55 miles there, and .55 miles back. Putting me a little over my mile for the day.
  3. When it was too cold outside to run, the gym was always an option. But to get my mile/s in, I had to choose the treadmill or track. Even though the elliptical tracks your mileage, I’ve always thought of it being a little easier than literally running the full mile. (This would have made it way to easy for me to cheat)

There would be days I was so motivated I would run 3 miles straight and knock out three days from my chart. But then there would be other days I wouldn’t be motivated at all, so I chose to walk a mile just to get that day’s mile in.

And then of course, there were several days I just wouldn’t have time to run. That just meant I would have to make up for that missed mile on other days.

If you’re looking for a New Years Resolution that will keep you motivated throughout the whole year, this is a great goal to have. And easy to structure based on how many miles you think you can cover through the year, whether that be running two(+) miles a day or half a mile per day.


What are your New Years Resolutions for 2018?



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