8 Unique New Year Resolutions for the New Year

Love & Other Things / Thursday, December 28th, 2017

New Year Resolutions are usually tossed out the window by March, but don’t let that stop you from finding motivation to become a better you this new year.

New Year Resolution Ideas

  1. Become a Healthier You
    • The most popular type of New Years Resolution without the words “lose ___ pounds” tacked on. Come up with your own, achievable way that will help you feel healthier. For example, stop buying cookies every time you go to the grocery. Don’t buy soda, don’t pick up a candy bar while waiting in line to check out. Not having these items in your house when looking for a snack will take away the temptation. Or maybe create a chart {like this one} that will track how much water you’re consuming per day or how much exercise you’re getting. It’s when you begin to write down your actions when you start to really take notice of what you are achieving and what you think you are achieving.
  2. Wear Makeup More (or Less) Often
    • This is my own personal goal for the coming year of 2018. I feel like I do not put enough effort into my appearance each day. So in order to feel more professional and confident in myself, I’m taking on the challenge of learning the odds and ends of face powder. On the other end, maybe you wear makeup so much, you even put it on when you know you will not leave the house all day. Maybe feeling more confident in your own skin is something you think you need to work on this year. Make up
  3. Opt to Go Out More Often (or Less)
    • Life is about taking risks and enjoying the little moments of life. Maybe for you, those little moments include going to dinner with a friend after work. Or grabbing lunch with someone new this week. Don’t let days pass by with regrets! Or for others, slowing down is something you need to take advantage of more often. Stay at home cuddled on the couch for the evening, or watch a movie you wish you had time to see.
  4. Join a Club or Group
    • Get involved in some way in order to meet new people and live life with those who have the same ideas as you. Whether that be joining a bible study at your church, joining a book club, or even taking a workout class with others at your gym.
  5. Start a Savings Account for a Special Trip
    • Every paycheck, put a specific amount of money to the side to save for something you have had on your bucket list for a while. Spilled Coins
  6. Apply for a New Job
    • If you are not at your dream job, what are you waiting for? Nothing can be hurt just by searching and applying for something new.
  7.  Take More Pictures
    • Let’s be honest, none of us leave the house without our smart phones in hand. You have a camera on you, so this year while making memories, be sure to document them, too. Taking picture of food
  8.  Talk to Your Parents More Often
    • Life does not last forever. And although that is a scary thought, don’t be so stubborn or forgetful to call your mom or dad just to say hi. Even a quick text before work to say “Good morning” means more than you would think. Making the effort to reach out more often this year is a great New Years Resolution that will mean more to you, as well as to your parents.

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