Bucket List: Bachelorette Party in Nashville, TN

Travel and Adventure / Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

If you’re in the process of planning a kick-ass bachelorette party, Nashville, TN is the place to go. Bars, cowboys, and the south – can it GET any better? Well actually it can. My fabulous maid of honor and my trusty bridesmaids planned my bachelorette party in Nashville, TN. If you need some ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

First Things First:

Book a flight – if needed.

Then, book a hotel as close as you can to Broadway. It may be a little pricier than other hotels you would find further away, but it’s worth it. I say this because it’s more convenient to get to after a night of partying downtown. You don’t have to worry about someone being a DD, getting an Uber, or anything like that once the fun is over. Or better yet, when the fun NEEDS to be over. Besides, paying a little more for a hotel on broadway will more than likely equal what you would pay for a cheaper hotel + Uber fare. Make sense?

In a hotel holding a lot of pillows and blankets

Decorate The Hotel Room

Balloons, confetti, pictures, and anything else you can think of that the bride would love! A bachelorette party in Nashville, TN calls for full-on décor and games, and hardly any room for sleeping.

Plan Dinner

Something simple or elegant, depending on what the rest of the night will hold. After we got settled in at the hotel room, we put on our Bride and Bridesmaid shirts (complete with a sash, tiara and veil) and walked down Broadway to eat at Rock Bottom. Eating on a rooftop always heightens the experience of a restaurant, am I right?

Dance Class

At Miss Fit Academy, we took a one hour dance class on bar-top dancing. We learned a coyote-style dance to prepare us for the final event of the night – Coyote Ugly! I have also been to another bachelorette party that included a dance lesson from here, but we learned the basics of pole dancing. But the best part about both of these classes were none of us girls were remotely flexible or coordinated enough to do the dance moves correctly. Every move we learned had us attempting, and then bursting out laughing because we looked hilarious just trying! Yes, this may be out of your comfort zone. But that’s the fun of it!

Bachelorette Party doing the Bridesmaids Movie pose

Peddle and Drink

Group of girls on the Peddle and Drink ride in Nashville, TN

Group of girls on the Peddle and Drink ride in Nashville, TN

My first impression of the Peddle and Drink activities were you literally peddle this cart while drinking. Sing at the top of your lungs while peddling through downtown Nashville with your closest friends, and that’s it. Even though this is part of the fun, that’s not all! We were surprised that our driver made stops at three locations. The first one being a bar that was having a deal on blueberry moonshine shots. Or maybe it was blackberry moonshine shots? Our driver gave us 15 minutes to go inside, take a shot, hang out, and get back to the peddler.

Three girls at a bachelorette party, bar in Nashville

*REMEMBER* Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, in the clear. Therefore, if you’re the bride, take note that people are probably going to buy you shots throughout the night. So do NOT start on beer in the beginning.

Our second stop while on the Peddle and Drink was at a bar with a mechanical bull. The driver gave us 15 minutes to go inside and see how long you can stay on the bull. So let’s go ahead and cross that off my bucket list, because I TOTALLY participated! This did not come without encouragement from my bridesmaids, but for that I am thankful. (Life is more fun when you jump out of your comfort zone and do things you wouldn’t normally do! Have I already mentioned that?) Here’s a snapshot of the action and then here is the link to the actual video, if you’re interested:

Video of me riding a mechanical bull

Riding a mechanical bull

The final stop was at another bar that led upstairs to a killer view of the Nashville skyline. This is remembered vaguely, but luckily thanks to pictures, I have proof.

Coyote Ugly

Go ahead and cross “Dance on a bar” off of your bucket list as well! There are several bars inside, and dancing is encouraged on all of them. It definitely gets a little crazy here, especially when one of the workers pours a pitcher of water on herself and starts swinging her hair around (!!!). You can only imagine how big my eyes were at this point. You have been warned – whether you decide to stay or run away from this bar downtown is up to you!

Dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly

A quick walk back to the hotel and late night girl talk had us falling asleep around 3am.


I hope this has given you a few ideas for your bachelorette party! Nashville, TN has become one of the top travel destinations for this type of party, and for a good reason. You can always find fun things to do here to celebrate your final night of being a single lady!



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