Food Friday: The Pfunky Griddle

Food / Friday, October 27th, 2017

What better way to draw customers into a restaurant than to offer experience alongside food? The Pfunky Griddle in Nashville, TN provides just that by allowing you to cook your own breakfast in the middle of the table.

Towards the south of Nashville, a quaint little restaurant sits resembling that of a house. You can usually find the parking lot packed and people standing outside waiting for a table if you arrive during peak hours. After being directed to your table, an iron griddle sits in the middle awaiting your arrival. The menu is handed to you and BAM! Right there centered on the top states “Unlimited Pancakes $6.99.” PLUS one free topping! Choose from chocolate chips, Nutella, peanut butter, fruit, sweet, savory – whatever appeases your taste buds. Two pitchers of pancake batter are left at your table to use at your own pace and cooked to your own brown-ness. One pitcher contains organic, 5-grain whole wheat batter (healthy pancakes? Is this a joke?) and the other pitcher contains the good kind of pancake batter. Use that.

The Pfunky Griddle in Nashville TN Pancakes and hashbrowns

If pancakes don’t grab your attention though, other breakfast and brunch foods are available. Order eggs or hashbrowns and you’ll be given a small plastic cup filled with – quite literally – a raw egg and cold hashbrowns. You get to cook it yourself in the middle of the table, however you like.

The Pfunky Griddle in Nashville TN

The only complaints we had at the Pfunky Griddle was that it was SO loud inside. Although, it’s understandable that this is something they can’t really help because of the fans they have to have going to keep smoke and everything else in the air filtered out as everyone is cooking their food in the dining area. Make sure you’re awake enough to speak in a level 4 voice (give or take 2 cups of coffee) before you go here. You need to be sure you’re able to speak loud enough so your fellow brunch-partners can hear you speak.

The Pfunky Griddle supplies you with your own kitchen, minus the hassle of having to buy ingredients or clean up your mess. It provides entertainment and is fun for the whole family – I highly recommend it!

To learn more and visit for yourself, here is their website.

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