Your Basic Guide Around Washington D.C.

While in New York City, the Dream Careers program put together a weekend trip to Washington D.C. It was a whirlwind because we were only there for 24 hours, with a ton to see.

It was a 4-5 hour bus ride from lower Manhattan – if you’re wondering the travel time. I would highly recommend more time in this beautiful city. But whether you’re there for a weekend or a month, I have included the main sights to see.

The Capitol

Home of the United States Congress, this was the first site we saw in D.C. It’s majestic, massive, and made us even more excited for what was to come in our D.C. trip.

The U.S. Capitol

The U.S. Capitol








Washington and Lincoln Monuments

The must-see of Washington D.C. are these two monuments, directly in front of one another.

Washington Monument in Washington D.C.

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

Korean War Veterans Memorial

No matter where you stand around the Korean War Memorial, one of the statues look like they are watching you. Kind of creepy, but really neat. This is in walking distance of the Lincoln Memorial.

Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

This is a fairly new monument, and is in walking distance from the Lincoln Memorial. It is inspired by Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech: “Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.”

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington D.C.

The White House

The White House was surprisingly not as big as you imagine! I mean, obviously its giant for a “house” but for the White House, not so much. Also, when the president is currently in, snipers keep watch on the roof.


Highly, highly recommend. My friend Cassie and I were very impressed with this place! We found it just around the corner from our hotel, in Chinatown. Within walking distance, no need to dress up fancy, and only a 5 minute wait.

La Columbe Coffee

My hipster heart has a love for new coffee places, and La Colombe won my heart.








Holocaust Memorial Museum

Truly heartbreaking as you walk through this museum. Every little detail puts you in the victim’s shoes. There is a lot of reading, but the evidence and items found at the actual sites of the concentration camps, placed in front of you, is what puts your heart in your stomach. Absolute must experience if you’ve never been. Note: Any kind of weapons are either destroyed at the door, or you are not allowed in. For example, I had pepper spray in my purse and they had to destroy it before I went any further into the museum.

Photographs of victims

Food Trucks – DC Burgers

Food trucks are a big thing in DC, and are so good! Here is a link I found that locates where the food trucks are at this very moment in DC. Check it out next time you are in town!

Your Basic Guide Around Washington D.C.
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Your Basic Guide Around Washington D.C.
A quick weekend trip to Washington D.C., see how to cover all of the main monuments in two days.
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