Grand Rapids and Lansing, Michigan

Funny how life works. My roommate for the summer in New York City, Cassie, is originally from Michigan. A little less than a year after New York I was able to go visit her in her hometown and get the grand tour of Michigan, including a small snowfall after a season of no snow in Kentucky.

Lansing, Michigan

Cassie grew up in the capitol of Michigan, with government and historical buildings right down the road. With a population of 116,000, Lansing is home to Magic Johnson and Steven Seagal. A homey downtown, local shops and restaurants make you feel like you belong there after your first visit.

Grand Traverse Pie Company – A downtown restaurant with pie to die for. Lunch is great as well! Here is the website if you want to check it out:

Glazed and Confused Bakery – Freshly-made, local ingredients, doughnuts! Also located downtown.

Michigan State University Campus – An interesting sight to walk through, with tons of old buildings and a few that are quite new. For example, the Art Museum is new, and shaped like… this.

Michigan State has the seventh largest student body in the U.S., and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked MSU 21st in public schools, 41st overall in the United States, and 101st in the world. I recommend walking through campus if you’re in the area!

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Hopcat – eatery in town with heavily seasoned french fries called Crack Fries. A must!

LaughFest – A 10-day festival of stand-up comedy, improv, live shows, films, authors, and community showcases. I was able to experience a little bit of this while I was in town, including a stand-up comedy show with a man who tried to mimic a Jimmy Fallon tonight show set-up. Not impressed (mostly because Jimmy is my man and no one can replace), BUT not to say others weren’t better. It was fun to get out and experience it, though! Plus, it’s for charity! Here’s a link –>



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