Bucket List: Run a 10K

It’s always healthy to push yourself beyond what you think you can do. Running is a passion of mine. With that being said, I also don’t go out and run timed races often. But my friend Claire, challenged me to run a 10K – the Cinco De Mayo Nashville, TN 10K – with her. My first timed race ever.

Cinco De Mayo 10K

One of the things I love most about races are the marketing efforts produced by the people who create the event. They make the race exciting, creative, and all around fun. For example, for this race, we were encouraged to dress up. As you can see, our “Let’s FIESTA” t-shirts were hand painted by us on the floor of our dorm room. People go all out, wearing tutus and face paint, and workers of the event walking on stilts to make it feel like an actual party. But that’s not all – at the end of the race, a prize is given to the best costume.

Waiting for you at the end of the race is a full on block party, complete with one free margarita or beer (21+ years old), loud music, celebration, and a free t-shirt. Not only did you just run for a straight hour or more, but now you get to celebrate your success. You certainly leave feeling accomplished.

It’s not just a “run 6.3 miles then I’m going home.” They make the race as a whole fun and exciting to encourage a healthy hobby.

Our time for this race was around an hour and 15 minutes, putting us around a 12 minute mile. To all of you professional runners, that’s not the best. But see? Anyone can do it. You just have to try!

Two girls about to run a 10K

What fun runs are going on in your area soon?


To motivate you to get out and run a 10K, here’s some workout gear to get you started, as well as a pack of 5 cute tank tops!


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Run a 10K
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