Bucket List: Run a 5K

Running 3.1 miles on a whim can either be a recipe for disaster or quite the adventure. Dragging your friend out of bed at 7 in the morning to run it with you eases the pain slightly. Although, you never finish a run feeling unmotivated or unaccomplished. This post, I check Run a 5K off of my bucket list.

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Getting out from under the cozy covers and preparing your body to wake up a lot faster than it anticipated, and then those first five minutes coaching your legs to put one in front of the other and RUN LEGS RUN! Is the worst part. Once you get going though, your body will thank you. Livestrong would agree, proof here: Livestrong, Benefits of Running in the Morning.

And if you can’t seem to find enough energy to drag yourself onto the track early in the morning, just finding 10 minutes to jog sometime throughout your day has plenty of benefits in itself. Here’s proof: 6 Benefits of Running.

My friend, Whitley, and I ran the Run for Ronald 5K put on by Western Kentucky University’s sorority, ADPi. I’m not going to tell you our final time because at least we pushed ourselves, right? (And frankly I just don’t remember) Our before and after pics are below – clearly we are motivated in our beginning photo. The second photo we look like death, but still pumped on the inside because we just ran a 5k and it wasn’t even 10am yet!! Are you feeling motivated to run a 5K yet?

Two girls about to run a 5K, and after the 5K Run for Ronald




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