Celebrating my 21st Birthday in Vegas

Bucket List: Celebrate My 21st Birthday in Vegas

Friday morning – alarm set for 4am. Get to the airport. Party the rest of the day/night Friday, Saturday. Fly back Sunday. I’m still in shock I celebrated my 21st birthday in Vegas.

21st Birthday in Vegas Activities

Carlos Bakery

The taste – overrated. The cupcake I got was the farthest from “airy” that you can get when it comes to baking. I actually threw half of it away, and if you know me, you know that acts like this is practically unheard of.

The designs – pure talent. No other words to describe it.

Carlos Bake Shop

The Stratosphere

The cheapest hotel on the strip, and is not bad at all! Although, it is about a half mile past most of the attractions on the strip so in order to save your tourist legs and not be caught walking back in the dark at 3am, a bus pass is needed. The bus goes up and down the strip for about $10 per 24 hours. Also, we loved this hotel because of the amazing view from the upper bar.

The Stratosphere bar
The black background is actually the strip at night, lit up.

Britney Spears: Piece of Me Tour

My dream of seeing Britney Spears live was accomplished with the help of my boyfriend (now husband) giving me and my friend tickets for my birthday, the day before we left for Vegas. Ecstatic with lots of jumping can only partly describe my excitement for the coming weekend – my 21st birthday in VEGAS!

Don’t get me wrong, the concert was great. She played all of her big hits that I fell in love with as a young girl, and her props were amazing. But I questioned the dancer’s costumes and why they were portraying stories that had no relation to the song or previously released music video. For example, she swung from a tree during her song “Toxic”. Does that sound like a song you should be swinging gracefully during?

The concert was also the least engaging concert I’ve ever been to. With the increase in technology and marketing becoming such a large industry, you would think more interaction with the crowd would be a large asset for a concert that never moves location. I’ve been to concerts that pass out bracelets in the beginning or have you download an app, and when the entertainer performs a specific song, the app or bracelet lights up crazy colors that match the beat of the song. Something like this would have been great at the concert.

Nonetheless, I had the time of my life and if you’re reading this Britney – Can I be a backup dancer? Literal life dream.

I think this tour has come to an end if you were looking for tickets. But together we can only hope she decides to go on tour again!



Kendall Jenner just so happens to share my birthday. 1Oak is a popular place for the Kardashians and I would have absolutely died if they were partying there the same weekend I was partying there. They were not, but I can see why they favor this club. It was Elizabeth and I’s favorite of the night. Find this club inside The Mirage hotel.


Requires you buy tickets ahead of time, and seemed pretty legit. Although, we were one of the few who did not know tickets had to be bought ahead of time, so onto the next club we went. This club is inside The Cosmopolitan.

The Bellagio

Absolutely stunning, inside and out. The ceiling looks like a work of art, and of course the famous Bellagio Fountains are right outside.

The ceiling in the Bellagio Hotel
The ceiling

Trump International

I mean, it’s Trump Tower. Stunning and gold and an outdoor pool on the fifth floor. No clubs in here though! (Probably for the best)

Trump Tower in Vegas

Inside Trump Tower in Vegas

Pool in Trump Tower in Vegas

Fashion Show Mall

Get your shopping fix here, with over 250 stores and 25 dining options. Plus, it’s right on the strip.

In front of the eiffel tower in Vegas

Day two celebrating 21st birthday in Vegas

Two girls in Vegas

Overall, to be able to say I celebrated my 21st birthday in Vegas is no doubt a memory that can be retold for years to come.

What are your favorite things to do in Vegas? Comment below! I’d love to hear suggestions for future trips.

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  1. Wow, you had so much fun and saw so many different places! A belated Happy Birthday to you Kaitlyn, wishing you much joy, peace, love and happiness in the coming year.

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      Thank you so much!!

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