Valentines Day

14 Ways to Spend Valentines Day as a Single Lady

Below you will find things that are better than stinky farts, toilet lids never put down, dirty socks in the bed, and guys in general. Valentines Day is not a day to spend wishing you had a man, but a day to celebrate your independence!

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1) Nicholas Sparks and Moose Tracks

Whether it be a movie or a book, Nicholas never fails to allow us females to live vicariously through his love stories. Whip open the Moose Tracks ice cream and forget the bowl. Grab a spoon and a fluffy blanket, the couch is waiting for ya.

law and order svu

2) Fuzzy socks and wine

It’s still winter season whether the weather wants to cooperate or not. Therefore, the fuzziest socks are begging for you to put them on. Make the socks happy and flail around the living room with a bottle of wine (Lauren’s blackberry, Purple Toad, may I recommend).

tv reactions drink drinking wine

3) Manicure

Whether it’s a bright red or black nail polish, you absolutely-most-definitely need to pamper yourself. Flaunt it girl.


4) Humane Society

Who’s going to love you no matter how sassy you are that day? Always the puppies.

girl puppies

5) Go get pizza

What better way to celebrate love than to spend the day with the truest of loves: pizza, beer, and the biggest piece of cake you can imagine.


6) Buy two bouquets of flowers – one for you and one for a stranger

Because there are probably too many single ladies in this town who are not going to read all of these great suggestions to make their Valentines Day spectacular without a man. Treat them anyway.

#Impastor cute sweet thanks tv land

7) Girls Night Karaoke

“I’ll tell you what I want what I really really want…” for you and your girlfriends to jump around and sing off key. Channel your inner Spice Girl.


8) Dance the Night Away

Whether that be in your living room or at the club, burn the calories and drop it low.

Saturday Night Live dance dancing snl amy poehler

9) Go to the Gym

“I have no guy in my life now, but wait until they see me in a bikini in four months.” Valentines Day is merely motivation, ladies!

Tacocat beauty beach sunglasses babe

10) Cookies and Crafts

Grab your gal pals and plan a night of sugar cookies with the little hearts on them and Pinterest some crafts.

sesame street miranda cookie monster skype best friend

11) Go Shopping

It’s the cure for everything, so the real question is “Why WOULDN’T you go shopping?”

full house ashley olsen michelle tanner mary kate olsen olsen twins

12) Go to a concert

Look for local concerts going on in your area! What better way to forget about the holiday of love than to scream and dance like a crazy person (as pictured below).

excited concert pumped hell yeah mosh pit

13) Krispy Kreme

You know those heart shaped doughnuts? Yeah, eat those.


14) Love on your Family

Just because you don’t have a man, doesn’t mean you can’t spread the love. Send a bouquet of flowers to your mom or grandmother, or simply call up your parents and tell them how much you love them.

tv yes nbc family hug


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