Bucket List: Be Featured in a Magazine

Eight years old isn’t too young to become somebody! Big thanks to Highlights for Kids for choosing yours truly to be featured in their February 2004 issue.

I loved Highlights for Kids Magazine when I was younger. Every month when I got them in the mail, I would do every task given from cover to cover until the tasks were becoming too easy because I was getting older. The specific task presented to readers when my artwork was published was to illustrate the poem. The poem presented was called Sometimes Pots, Sometimes Clouds by Eileen Spinelli.


Banging pots.

Tapping shoes.

Playing cowpokes,


Tooting horns-

here’s the train.



in the rain.

Singing loud

in the sun.

Sometimes noisy days are fun.

Counting Clouds

drifting by.

Napping ‘neath

a summer sky.

Writing poems.

Petting cats.

Painting cows

on table mats.

Reading in

the window seat.

Quiet days are also sweet.


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  1. I used to love reading these! This is rad lady love!

    • admin

      Thank you so much!!☺️

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